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Chinese eating weird stuff
bizarre foods to eat in china
food in china
10 Bizarre Foods to Eat in China
bizarre foods to eat in china
strange food in china
bizarre foods to eat in china
1. Chicken's Feet – East Asia, Caribbean, South America and South Africa
20080225-duck_blood weird meat.jpg
In some parts of China, people like to eat monkeys' brain. It is said that it tastes like bean curd.
Fried Pig Brain
18. Beondegi – South Korea
Deep fried, whole crabs for sale on the street…good luck eating the shell!
Eating duck heads
Strange Foods Around The World: Most Disgusting Weird Foods People Eat 🍴 That Will Make You Say WTF
The duck, in traditional Chinese medicine, is a premium tonic food. The Chinese
I went to a Chinese restaurant with some friends and we had many weird foods including fried snake, snake gut tea and snake-skin chips.
Chengdu, China food, strange asian food
5 Things You Won't BELIEVE Chinese People Eat
Chinese cuisine braised duck tongues
I wanted something that would flip my world upside down, and that's exactly what China has done to me. I'm out of my element. Every day, I see the weird and ...
China food,strange food,asia food
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7. Roasted frog
Ma Po Tofu
Not even a clue what this is
4. Khash – Middle East, East Europe and Turkey
Insects and strange food in China - Beijing Wangfujing Night Market
Weird Food in Hong Kong | Geoduck | Eating Adventures
The cock and the chef
Eating live animals
people eat in china
Whether you get them dried from a Chinese medicine shop or fresh from a restaurant, there is no mistaking this odd looking creature for anything than what ...
A fish dish is decorated with cucumber slices and red peppers. Chinese chefs ...
Cow stomach, pictured above, is one of those very things.
12. Shiokara – Japan
2. Fish sperm
Chinese ...
How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown
strange food in china
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These days I love hotpot, and it's my favourite meal out, however, these pictures illustrate the problems of the difference between 'Chinese ...
MSG additive used in Chinese food is actually good for you, scientist claims
Things You Can Only Buy In A Chines WalMart
Rod Duan (Bamboo Worms)
Weird Chinese foods, dare to try?
My grandmother used to have a huge conch shell in her bathroom. As kids do, I used to place it to my ear to hear the sea inside.
Have you ever been shocked to sit next to your group of Chinese friends and realized where does all this noise come from? Yet all of a sudden, you realized ...
Chinese food
These days I love hotpot, and it's my favourite meal out, however, these pictures illustrate the problems of the difference between 'Chinese ...
22. Human foetus
strange food, China,chinese food
10. Century Egg / 100 Year Old Egg / 1000 Year Old Egg – China
Shirako, Japan
My Chinese friends seemed to love jellyfish, but it really wasn't for me. Imagine an incredibly sour octopus without the chewiness.
Cat in Chinese Food
So, to find things like fully roasted animals or BBQ gizzards in China is a fairly regular occurrence, and I've had to adjust my stomach to be able to ...
Chinese food
Chinese restaurant syndrome: has MSG been unfairly demonised?
17. Bins of Sausages (Unrefrigerated)
Chinese New Year: Remembering how I first ate dog meat, and how differences bring us together - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Grasshoppers, scorpions, jellyfish and even bird's nests are eaten there for sure - but cats were one of those exotic meats that never seemed all that ...
Chinese Stir Fried Noodles in Take Away Box
20080225-bugs and maggots in the stoneforest3-707536 weird meat 4.jpg
bizarre foods to eat in china
Cooked tarantula
Ok, so we all know that the Chinese like to eat some pretty weird and wonderful things by our estimations, and Cantonese cuisine is no different.
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Every amazing, strange, and delicious food I tried during an epic 6-week trip to China
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There is actually a dish in which you can eat bear claws! This bear claw stew is a Chinese delicacy and it costs a bomb.
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Weird edible treats in Hangzhou, China.
Silkworms are fried in oil before eating, it is said to be full of protein.
Bowl of century eggs weird Asian foods
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