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Malekeh jahan
Malekeh Jahan
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Jahan Khanoum, Malekeh Jahan, Mahd-e Olia, "Sublime Cradle,"grand-daughter of Fath 'Ali Shah, wife of Mohammad Shah, mother of Nasser-ed-Din Shah.
Malekeh Jahan
LA PRINCESSE D'IRAN MALEKEH JAHAN KHANOUM, C. 1920. Dix épreuves argentiques
Mohammad Hassan Mirza Children of Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar Kadjar
Her official title was Mahd-e Olya "Sublime Cradle." She was grand-daughter of Fath 'Ali Shah, (1797-1834), wife of her cousin Mohammad Shah (1834-48) and ...
1875-1925 Malekeh-Jahan, "Queen of the World", Qajat Dynasty Mohammad Ali Shah's cousin and queen, daughter of Prince Kamran Mirza Na'eb-Saltaneh ...
Princess Malekeh-Afagh Khanom and her nephew Prince Soltan Majid Mirza Bahman, 1870 Qajar
List of Prime Ministers
Mozafereddin Shah's daughter, the mother of Mirza Mohsen Khan (Amin-od-Dowleh II) was a wealthy and influential Qajar princess. Her strength and character ...
Fakhr ol-Taj Moayyeri (right) visiting the exiled Imperial couple Mohammad Ali Shah and Malekeh Jahan and Pricess Khodjasteh Qajar in Odessa.
Princess Malekeh-Afagh Khanom, around 1900 by Antoin Sevruguin.
Podbielski ContemporaryIT
Ahmad Shah Qajar
Prince Sultan Hamid Mirza Qajar was the head and heir presumptive of the Qajar dynasty, the former ruling dynasty of Iran, and the son of the last Qajar ...
Destination Wedding - Persian - Portland Oregon - Waverley - Country Club
Fereydoun Mirza Qajar Fereydoun Mirza Qajar 1922 1975 Genealogy
One of the last pictures of Mozaffar ed-Din Shah, with his sons, (from right to left) Abol-Fazl Mirza Azod al-Soltan, Mohammad Ali Mirza (later Shah), ...
Mohammad Ali Shah Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Mohammad Ali Shah At Popflock.com
A picture of Ahmad Shah Qajar
Ahmad Shah Qajar FileAhmad Shah Qajarjpg Wikimedia Commons
Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Amin al-Soltan
Hyperleap image
Putri Turan Al Saltanah Foto: DW
Tadj ol-Molouk
Esmat al Dowleh, berkumis. Foto: DW
The Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking, Surrey. The Mosque, built in 1889 by
Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar with Mirza Mohammad Ebrahim Khan, the Moavin al-Dowleh,
Shadi Ghadirian/ Iran
Ahmad Shah Qajar
Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar
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An old painting of ´Noor Jahan´. - Stock Image
Mahmoud Mirza wwwqajarpagesorgsoltanmahmoudjpg
Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan
Ahmad Qavam
Ahmad Moshir al-Saltaneh
A gorgeous Persian wedding with Sasha and Jahan. Sasha and Jahan originally wanted to do a small wedding, sort of a getaway to a distant destination like ...
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Black and white photograph on cardstock, with an image of the Taj Mahal, a
Soltan Hajibeyov
Malek Jahan Khanom, Mahd-e Olia
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Hamid Mirza Qajar
Kamran Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh with one of his young sons. The Kamrani princes are descendants of Kamran Mirza. For the genealogy of the Kamranis, please click ...
Ghamar 0l-Molouk Vaziri ...
احمد شاه و رضا خان
Sayyed Abdullah Behbahāni
98 Anders Jahan Retzius (1742-1821) - Stock Image
Zainab Pasha
Malekeh Jahan (Persian: ملکه جهان ) Tehran (Kingdom of Persia) June 21, 1875 Sanremo (Italy) November 5, 1947 Queen consort of Persia, wife and cousin of ...
Iranian calligrapher and poet
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4.3 Rokneddin Mirza, son of Shams el Molouk Khanoum, had three children from his marriage to Madame Anita Kadjar (nee Neri): Princess Chamssy (b.
The board of directors of "Jam'iat e nesvan e vatan-khah", a women's rights association in Tehran (1923-1933)
Aga Khan II - Image: Aga Khan II 2
Best persian images iranian middle east persian people jpg 700x914 Malekeh jahan
Gardens of the great Mughals. Gardens. PLATE XVIII.. PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF .
Ahmad Shah Ghajar in England during 1918 1919
Ali Akbar Bahman
Naser al-Din Shah Qajar
Eskandar Mirza (Qajar)
Kamran Mirza Nayeb-Saltaneh, (1855-1927), Nasser-ed-Din Shah's son, brother of Mozaffar-ed-Din Mirza (later Mozaffar-ed-Din Shah) and Mass'oud Mirza ...
Ali Akbar Bahman, ambassador to Egypt, receiving Mohammad Reza Pahlawi and Princess Fowziyeh, Cairo 1939.
Henriette Marie Louise Burgart, known as Orane Demazis Oran (French Algeria) September 4
Haj Seyyed Mehdi Alavi and Ghodsieh Hajjieh Agha Galin, with their children and son-in-law Moushirzadeh (above, left).
Fakhr ol dowleh - Wikipedia
... Ahmad Shah Qajar
Julien Jahan - 431484522
Gene Tierney in the film trailer for Laura (1944)
... recovering in hospital after assassination attempt (1949) ...
A gorgeous Persian wedding with Sasha and Jahan. Sasha and Jahan originally wanted to do a small wedding, sort of a getaway to a distant destination like ...
Ali Akbar Bahman with his young wive and his baby daughter, around 1920.
Portraits of Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh, the beauty symbol of Persia for whom 13 men committed suicide when she refused to marry them.
Raja dan para istrinya. Foto: DW