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Mantua dress 17th century
Mantua (clothing)
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Jose Munoz Ramirez Mantua Gown
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Mantua Date: late 17th century Culture: British Medium: wool, metal thread.A late seventeenth-century version of the open robe and one of the earliest ...
1750s court mantua showing the stylized back drapery. (MET). Extant examples of the 17th century ...
Woman's mantua with stomacher and petticoat
Mantua in green silk brocade, ca. 1710
... Round gown ...
mantua and fontange 17th Century Clothing, 17th Century Fashion, 18th Century, Pirate Queen
Silver embroidered blue damask court mantua (an open fronted gown with an elaborate train)
Mantua, back view
The movie should be set around 1704-08, so this c. 1708 British mantua is probably a better example. Note the open front filled in with a stomacher, ...
Court Mantua - early to mid 18th century Old Dresses, Vintage Dresses, Vintage Outfits
Doll's mantua
Corwin dress
18th Century Mantua
Louise Francoise de la Baume-le-Blanc, Duchess of La Valliere, mistress
Interactive: Pale Blue Silk 'Mantua' Gown, by Unknown Maker, 1710-
plimoth jacket combined
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18th Century Mantua
Interactive: Silk 'Mantua' Gown, by Unknown Maker, 1760-70
1680s-1710s Mantua Pattern | 17th Century Mantua Pattern | Reconstructing History pattern
On the left; Mantua dress, 1708, @ Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the right; mantua inspired coat by Marta Studzinska.
1690s Mantua (HSM 9/2017) – Photoshoot
Blue damask court mantua with silver embroidery | Museum Wales | c. 1730-40.
I have been wanting to have a go at the early mantua for quite some time – but since the end of the 17th century is relatively underrepresented here in the ...
... Robe a la francaise ...
Blue mantua and petticoat decorated with dots, the petticoat decorated with three flounces.
Mantua, 1740-42, Manchester Galleries. I'm not sure why they
Robe Volante. Culture: French. Date: ca. 1730. This robe volante
Mantua in silver brocaded pale blue silk, ca. 1720
RH708 — 1690s-1710s Mantua
18th century stays
... Robe a la francaise ...
I have always wanted to have a go at an early mantua – the period is relatively unrepresented, and I simply wanted to experiment with pleating and the look ...
Reception Dress | c. 1890-95 • • • If the late Victorians loved
Silk dress made in the early 18th Century
Eighteenth-century 'fast fashion': how the quick tricks of the mantua-maker made sustainable gowns
Vintage engraving the costumes of lord and ladies, 17th Century France.
I will say, though, I love the stomacher and pinked trim across the skirt. Very pretty.
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The Met - English gown or Robe a l'Anglaise - 1770-75
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Marie Angelique de Scorailles, Mlle. de Fontanges, mistress of King Louis XIV,
Skirt - presumably from the wardrobe of Orsolya Esterházy. Date: mid 17th century. Place of originn: Hungary and Italy Medium: Coral, cut-pile velvet
Mantua From Colonial Williamsburg
Court Dress - Mantua in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Date of creation: ca
This was the fashion in the 1660s — separate bodice and skirt; boned, super structured bodice with wide neckline; period appropriate back lacing; wide, ...
Clothes 2 Mantua ...
Sack-back gown
Robe à la française, 1775 ca. Courtesy Les Arts Décoratifs, all rights reserved.
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Dress – Mantua, 18th century. Spitalfield silk with sterling silver thread, England.
Mantua Gown: This style is overwhelming the most popular style seen in all paintings, sketches, and engravings of the period.
A Norwegian mantua with very little information and small picture. EDITED: Anéa has posted more photos and information at her Livejournal.
Silver Embroidered Blue Damask Court Mantua
Béatrice Hiéronyme de Lorraine, Mademoiselle de Lillebonne Baroque Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Mademoiselle,
The Met - Sacque or Robe a la Francaise - 1750-55
Court mantua
Engraving of Marie Thérèse de Bourbon by Henri Bonnart, c.1690
Mantua Gown - Back View
Popular for what we now consider an exaggerated silhouette, the 'mantua' – a style of gown in fashion in the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth ...
Silk dress made in the early 18th Century
Culture: French. Designer: Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne 1825-1895 Paris). Date: 1887. This is truly an attention getting gown with ...
Researching the early mantua
Court mantua
Mantua, Spitalfields, England, Date- ca. 1720 (weaving) 1720-
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The colour is an incredibly saturated mustard yellow, similar to this sack back gown:
Mantua dress century trendnet jpg 350x500 Dress 17th century mantua
1690s Mantua (HSM 9/2017) – Photoshoot
Watch the Mantua-Makers Create a c1774 Dress in a Day
Sophie Arnould, French soprano in the opera Pyramus and Thisbe, 1771. She is
... Robe à la Polonaise ...
A mantua at the Victoria and Albert Museum, dated to 1744. Extant examples of the 17th century ...
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Robe à l'Anglaise
Victoria and Albert Museum Fashion Gallery
English court mantua
1690s Mantua (HSM 9/2017) – Photoshoot
Mantua ca. 1740-50, Colonial Williamsburg 18th Century Dress, 18th Century Costume
While the earlier mantuas were worn closed or sewn together in the front, it quickly became fashionable to pull the skirts of the gown entirely to the back ...
La Grande Dauphin wearing a Robe de Cour.
Sofia Magdalena's wedding gown, robe de cour, worn at the wedding at the Palace
A ...
... Robe a la francaise ...