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River otters in washington state
distribution map. River Otter ...
River otter, Lutra canadensis
River Otter photo by Tim Knight ...
People who see otters in saltwater areas, such as the Puget Sound, often think they've seen a sea otter when in fact they've seen a river otter.
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FILE 2014: A river otter attacked an 8-year-old boy and his
USA, Washington State, Puget Sound. River otter (Lontra canadensis) rests on boat dock.
River Otter photo by Tim Knight River Otter photo by Tim Knight
River Otters
In Otter News: What's That Ruckus? — The Nature Conservancy in Washington
File:River Otter at the National Zoo.jpg
River otter eating fish in Anacortes, WA
River Otter photo
Few know the villainy lurking behind these eyes. Robert Giroux/Getty Images
Keeping it clean
Three River Otters after their release following rehabilitation at PAWS
River Otter
River Otters are a medium sized semi-aquatic mammal with a cylindrical body, big
Our gift to the Internet: tiny otter pups
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River Otter - Lontra canadensis
A River Otter swimming in a pond in Washington state
River Otter (Lontra Canadensis) eating fish, Washington State, USA : Stock Photo
River Otter comes ashore on the Dungeness Spit at Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington State
North American river otter
Sea otters ...
Trappers Search For Washington State Otter That Attacked Swimmers
USA, Washington State. River otters (Lontra canadensis) mating in algae mat low tide
Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Photograph of a playful River Otter enjoying the scenery of the Washington state coastline from its
Sea otters
We didn't find the sparrow but this River Otter made an appearance as it briefly left the ocean.
distribution of the river otter in North America
River otters explore the Cascade Stream and Pond habitat on a wintry day at the Oregon
A pair of sea otters Sea otters in Washington state's ...
The river otter is sometimes mistaken for its much larger seagoing cousin, the sea otter (shown here). (From Christensen and Larrison, Mammals of the ...
Sea otters
River Otters at Lake Washington in Seattle (Steve Perrin photo)
This November 2009 photo shows river otters at Tippecanoe River State park near Battle Ground,
A river otter from Washington state swims in the Rio Pueblo de Taos near Taos,
Spatial and Temporal Variation in River Otter (Lontra canadensis) Diet and Predation on Rockfish (Genus Sebastes) in the San Juan Islands, Washington
North American river otters are slowly making their way back to the Bay Area. Photo
Sea Otter
Some boaters object to trapping, killing of river otters at Kingston Marina
River Otter
Otters of the world
River Otters Lake Washington
A river otter ranges up to 40 miles of waterway, depending on the food available and the quality of the habitat. Their favorite food is the slowest fish in ...
North American river otter at the River dart
The otter seemed 'cute' - until it leaped on her kayak and lunged at her face | Duluth News Tribune
River otters feed mostly on fishes but will also eat frogs, crabs, crayfish, and small mammals such as young muskrats. (Photo courtesy Tom Koerner/USFWS CC ...
While strong populations of sea otters now live in California, Washington and Alaska, sea otters remain extinct in Oregon.
A young oriental small-clawed otter eats a meatball in 2015 in a zoo in Dresden, Germany. (Arno Burgi/AFP/Getty Images)
Sea Otters Are Related to Weasels
A river otter in Florida. Photo credit: © Mark Conlin / Courtesy of Tallahassee
European otter (Lutra lutra) on the coast in the Shetland Islands
... river otters are relatively common throughout Washington in ponds, lakes, rivers, sloughs, estuaries, bays, and in open waters along the coast.”
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North American river otter eating a white sucker (catostomus commersonii) at the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge (Wyoming)
River otters rely on their long whiskers to detect their prey underwater. (Photo courtesy Jon Nelson/Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Photo of a Northern Sea Otter
2015-03-27 Fidalgo Bay River Otters (1024x680) | by -jon ...
The otter seemed 'cute' - until it leaped on her kayak and lunged at her face
River otter tracks show five pointed toes around a small heel pad. Tracks are 3 to 3½ inches wide and 3 to 4 inches long. (Washington Department of Fish and ...
An otter in water looks at the camera while holding a crab
Northern Sea Otter in Washington
North American river otter
River Otters on Lake Washington in Seattle (Steve Perrin photo)
Adopt a River Otter
Eurasian otter, Lutra lutra
Peaceful: Craig Bartlett of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said river otters don
North American river otters swimming in San Francisco Bay stop to sun themselves on rocks at Richmond, CA Marina
River otter attacks kayaker's face. Woman, fearing for her life, battles animal with paddle
PAWS Wildlife (Washington state)
Photo by mikebaird@flickr.com.
He's an eight-year-old southern sea otter named Otto, who was rescued in Morro Bay by our response team based at our San Luis Obispo facility.
Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images
Pro Football
Sea otter.
A wild northern river otter (lontra canadensis) in the San Juan Islands of Washington
River Otter
A small clawed river otter. Pic courtesy of www.natureworldnews.com
Keep river otters out of ponds and other areas with two hot wires, 6 and 10 inches off the ground. Make sure these are well marked to prevent accidents.
Presently, the only places to see sea otters in Oregon are at the Oregon Zoo
Wildlife Population Status Report