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Sageuk phrases



Royal Concubines from The King And I




... going on in sageuks, it's often easy to forget that not everyone back then was a prince or princess. There were also ordinary people: all the subjects ...

Damo Sung Song Yeon of the Palace Art Department in Yi San

5. Jeonha/Mama (전하/마마) — Your Majesty/Royal Highness

Grand Prince Suyang from The Princess' Man


Royal Prince Successor Descendant Yi San from Yi San

Non-Korean historical dramas use another term that we will talk about it just a bit. Although sageuk is not limited to a specific time period, ...



God of War MBC/2012

My Sassy Girl Gyeom Woo (Joo Won)


Jung Jinyoung (B1A4) Love in the Moonlight


Princess Hyemyung (Oh Yeon-seo) My Sassy Girl

Traditional Family

The King Loves 2017

Jumong with his gakgung from Jumong

Palace eunuchs from The King And I

My Sassy Girl SBS/2017 Joon Won

Now, let's turn to a sageuk. I have Sungkyunkwan Scandal readily accessible from my computer so most of the examples are taken from it.

Han Hye-jin , Jumong


... few sageuks. The recipient is beaten with sticks, often while rolled up in a straw mat. While not a death sentence, “nanjang-hyeong” could result in ...

Your Guide To The Palace: 20 Korean Words Every Historical Drama Fan Should Know

GrandPrince kdrama/2018 Jin seyeon | Sageuk: korean historical dramas | Pinterest | Jin, Kdrama and Korean

Kim Gyu-ri as Choe Song-yi God of War/2012

Abamama- 아바마마 this is a word that the Prince or princess uses to call their father, the king.

18. Gung (궁) — Palace

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15. Baek-seong (백성) — The subjects, people



Fusion Sageuk

Usually in Sageuk the characters have really complicated background , a lot of motivation , flaws , different point of views , whether they are good ...

Jin Yi-han and Jung Woong-in join sageuk epic Hwatu

A imagem pode conter: 1 pessoa, sorrindo, texto

Park Bo-gum in costume for youth, fusion sageuk Love in the Moonlight (2016)

Authentic Sageuk

Three Kingdom Period Korean Dramas | Welcome to my Korean History Drama ( Sageuk) Blog! 한국의 삼국 시대 역사 드라마 (사극). This site is dedicated to ...

Faction Sageuk


A Koala's Playground


joseon background 2


Also, Kim Jae Joong received praises for his diverse expressions showing the strictness of a high officer, the affection towards his loved one, ...

Korean Vocabulary-Royalty

why are they long ?

Moon Chae-won in costume for melodrama sageuk The Princess' Man (2011)

Uhm Tae-woong (Devil, Rebirth) is making his sageuk debut in MBC's Queen Seon-deok, opposite actresses Go Hyun-jung (HIT) and Lee Yo-won (Surgeon Bong ...

Pin by Joicefify on Sageuk: korean historical dramas | Pinterest | Drama and Korean

Jung Il-woo talks about having a cerebral aneurysm and his new drama after military enlistment

Kim Soo-hyun in costume for fantasy sageuk Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

To take some phrases from our friend HYSF, “I'd lick her asshole and would let her piss all over my face.”

(Sageuk parody from High Kick Through the Roof, and yup, that's Jung Il Woo in the first pic!)

Monstrum_2018 film Kim myung-min | Sageuk: korean historical dramas in 2019 | Drama, Kdrama, Film

What ...

MBC's sageuk drama Dong Yi ended on Tuesday, October 12, wrapping up an eight-month-long run. For the first half (or two-thirds, more like), it reigned as ...

Family Relationship Chart 계촌법 | Sageuk: Korean Historical Dramas

6 Juicy Korean Dramas That You'll Instantly Get Addicted To

Korean has a rather extensive honorifics system built into the language itself. Through various speech levels, personal pronouns, bound nouns (의존명사), ...

Casting 1

Park Ji-Young as Jang Nok-Su in the 1995 Sageuk: Jang Nok

Korean Dramas 2012

It's not a screct for anyone that Sageuk have very complex stories they deals with so many things at once , love , betray , power , marital arts , tradition ...

I ...

The Sageuk. Due to popular demand, this Boyfriend Bot is educated to the most exacting standards of the Joseon era. We take pains to minimize his contact ...

Moon Embracing The Sun was an enormously popular fusion sageuk

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The quiet introduction of Damo in 2003 was groundbreaking for three reasons. One, it was the first ever attempt at a fusion sageuk genre in Korea (and there ...


Here's a look at the men of the upcoming fantasy-sageuk-time-traveler drama Rooftop Prince. Yoochun stars as the Joseon-era crown prince and should, ...

The rom-com sageuk we've all been waiting for, My Sassy Girl, has released its second teaser. It starts with Joo-won's (Yong-pal) voiceover, ...

MaknaeCloud 🐙🐥 on Twitter: "#TeamYoojung vs #TeamYoujung Pick one between Yooj's airport fashions - long padding : Red Long Padding vs White Long Padding ...

Trendy hit youth sageuk Moonlight Drawn By Clouds may be drawing to a close, but never fear, because adorable actress Kim Yoo-jung is coming back.

I love both of their previous sageuk projects (Sungkyukwan Scandal and Princess' Man), I think they would look so good in a drama together!

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Genre: Sageuk, zombie, thriller. Episode count: 6 episodes (to be released simultaneously)

The poster of Yangsan Province from 1955

#TeamYoojung vs #TeamYoujung Pick one between Yooj's titles in Korea : Nation's Little Sister (국민여동생) vs Sageuk Fairy (사극요정) vs Chemistry Fairy ...

Tamra, the Island a fusion sageuk centered around the diving women of Jeju. (And a castaway from England who can't speak English.)

Splash Splash Love

Cheonha/Jeonha - 전하 Your Majesty (this term only used for King and crown Prince )

If Splendid Politics chose the famous Joseon era around Gwanghaegun, Six Flying Dragons goes back way earlier into Joseon history to cover the life of the ...

Oh Kyung 2

Kang Sung-Yeon as Jang Nok-Su and Jung Jin-Young as Yeonsangun

20 More Korean Words And Phrases That Every K-Drama Fan Should Know

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... female/male separation, what food they offer, learning Korean phrases to speak to them in person, what things should be in place for you to feel safe, ...