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Which nation first developed and used the tank in ww1
1917 : a British tank destroyed by the Germans in the Western Front during WWI
The Renault FT, the first "modern" tank
Infantry tank Mk I Matilda I (A11)
A Mark V tank
The first official photograph taken of a Tank going into action, at the Battle of
Near the end of World War I Germany introduced the A7V tank in 1918 (the only tank used by Germany in WW1 operations). British forces respectfully called it ...
WW1 Tanks
Picture of the FIAT 2000
The experimental World War One tank Little Willie on its first trial run in Lincoln
French Renault light tank
A Matilda tank of the 7th Royal Tank Regiment in the Western Desert, 19 December
Tiger Tank
Tanks in the Australian Army
M3 Stuart at Fort Knox, Kentucky, used for training.
A captured British tank in German hands destroying a tree
Tanks of the U.S. in the World Wars
5,000 Tanks: The Allies' World War I Plan 1919 Might Have Been the First Blitzkrieg in History
Model 1917 Holt Gas-Electric
Whippet Tank
Conceptual roots of the tank[edit]
A World War One tank
M4 Sherman Tank
Splatter mask used by tank crews in World War One
British tank stables
The picture displayed is of a German tank called the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. The Sturmpanzerwagen A7V was the first series of German tanks deployed to the ...
Mark IV
A British Mark One tank, of the type that was used in the first tank
Tanks, machine guns, gas masks: WWI innovations still used by military a century later - U.S. - Stripes
The WWI tank that helped change warfare forever
George S. Patton in World War I
The First War to Run on Oil
Above: A Renault FT (M17) tank during the First World War (1916
The first tanks were so loud that it was impossible to communicate via radio; instead they used carrier pigeons! The Mark I was the world's first combat ...
World War I: Front view of a tank. For many Germans, this would
1918 Mark V Tank Interior - World War One When the British tanks appeared out of nowhere in 1918 the German soldiers were petrified and helpless.
Photo of a World War One tank
British Mark IV heavy tank
The M103 Was America's Tiger Tank
This Puny French Vehicle Was the First Great Tank
British and French troops in Champagne, France, check out a Renault, the first
These newly invented war machines were hot, noisy, and cramped. The German models held much larger crews than the British, with anywhere between 18 and 26 ...
The light tank FT17 - the best WW1 tank.
The Holt gas-electric tank, the first American tank, in 1917. The Holt did not get beyond the prototype stage, proving too heavy and inefficient in design.
Early Panzer ww1
Workhouse of the army: This M4A3 (75) 42-tone Sherman Medium Tank
The FT-17 tank, designed and built by Renault, revolutionized the battlefield.
In this undated file photo, a British tank uproots a large tree before the advance of the tank battle at Cambria during World War I. The tank saw its ...
Mussolini's World War 2 Tanks: Super Weapons or Super Duds?
Tanks and Tank Warfare | International Encyclopedia of the First World War ( WW1)
A tank on a barren battlefield with soldiers in World War One
Weapons on Land - Tanks and Armoured Vehicles | Canada and the First World War
by Brevet-Colonel J. F. C. FULLER, D.S.O.
Sir Peter Jackson's replica WW1 tank arrives in Waikato
Or Tanks To Tractors
Picture of the M1917 6-ton
The tank makes its debut
Infantry train with a Renault FT-17 tank at Camp Colt.
Matilda tanks on the move outside the perimeter of Tobruk, 18 November 1941.
WWI Heavy Tank w/Rear Mortar Mark.IV “Tadpole”
Tank (military)
A7V tank
British Mark I tank stuck in captured German second-line trench at Cambrai
... Medium C 5 ...
The Rise Of The Tank Before World War II
Tanks In The Spanish Civil War
Picture of the Leichter Kampfwagen I (LK I)
A replica of the Mark IV tank marks 100 years of the tank
5 Light Machine Guns of World War One
WW1 British tank.
WWI British Tank Captured By Germans
Panzer II
WWI British Mark IV "female" tank(called female due to MG's being used rather than a canon like the "male" tanks).
ww2 tanks
How Israel Used Old World War II Tanks To Win War After War
Like other nations involved, Italian tank development dates back from WW1. They observed Allied efforts in 1916, and the first successes in the field.
Killers: The Most Lethal Tanks of World War II
Twenty months later Captain Hara delivered Experimental Tank No. 1.–Japan's first domestically mass produced tank. (National Archives)
Picture of the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V-U
... Light Amphibious Tank ...
Four Combat Monsters – The Super-Heavy Tanks Of WWI
Tanks showing some of their abilities during King George V's visit to the Army's headquarters in
Peugeot Tank
In this undated file photo, a British tank uproots a large tree before the advance of the tank battle at Cambria during World War I. The tank saw its ...
View image of British tank on Western Front (Credit: Getty Images)
The heavy tank Saint Chamond.